Capturing Cambridge
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Fen Ditton church from the Cam

Fen Ditton church

History of Fen Ditton church

The picture shows Fen Ditton church viewed from the west.

The history of the church can be found here:

A Railway Traveller’s walk through Cambridge 1871, a tourist guide, describes the boat races:

It is a very interesting sight on a fine May evening, between six and seven o’clock, to see the population of Cambridge, poring by several avenues across the broad Common between the¬†two and the river. the racing course extends about a mile and¬†furlong, being almost entirely embraced by two long reaches of the river, which make an elbow opposite the pretty church and vicarage gardens of Ditton, and form a boundary on the left bank to a Common of fen, which extends far away into the distance. Along the edge of this Common runs the towing path, which is occupied by the spectators. Boats of all sizes are drawn up along the banks ….


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