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The springs at Melbourn Bury c.19125 (Camb Chron)

Mebourn Bury

History of Melbourn Bury

In 1925the Cambridge Antiquarian Society visited Melbourn and W M Palmer gave detailed description of many features of the village:

…. The first mention of Melbourn Bury in historical records is in the reign of King Athelstan, when it was part of the royal domain. Shortly afterwards, in 970, when the monastery of Ely was refounded after its destruction by the Danes, it formed part of the lands given to that monastery……

The most notable of the lessees of the manor was Willam Ayloffe who died in 1691. He had had an adventurous youth, and had been cupbearer to the English Princess Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, “the Queen of Tears.” …. another of his bequests was to augment the Vicarage of Melbourn and provide a fee school.

… a later lessee of this manor thought about the education of children. John Trigg, of Melbourn Bury, in 1818 left a large sum of money to provide an undenominational school in Melbourn.

Drawing room Melbourn Bury c.1925 (Camb Chron)

NW corner of Melbourn Bury c.1925 (Camb Chron)



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