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Peter James Kerry, school cap, 11 The Limes, Sawston

11, The Limes, Sawston

History of 11 The Limes, Sawston


Frederick Kerry, b 1904, machine paper roller

Iris B née Langford, b 1903 [Iris was the daughter of James Langford]

? [Peter James b 1929]


Peter James Kerry, The Limes, Sawston

Peter James Kerry, The Limes, Sawston

Peter James Kerry, The Limes, Sawston

Peter James Kerry, school cap c.1940, 11 The Limes, Sawston

P J Kerry, The Limes Sawston

Frederick was the manager of Spicer’s paper factory. In WWII they made auxiliary fuel tanks for aircraft. Frederick had injured his leg in a car accident so wasn’t fit for war service himself.

Auxiliary fuel tank with messages for Germans

The Kerry family went to new Zealand in 1947.

In 2023 CK emailed:

Here is the cap. I’ll need to re-find the paper ephemera and get back to you on those m. His name is Peter James Kerry b 31/10/1929, d 31/10/2023. The family were living in Sawston as his father was probably a manager at Spicers. I have a photo of his father with ladies from the office signing an ?auxiliary fuel tank with messages to the Germans. I also have school magazines for 1942 and 1943. Despite his father signing him up to Cambridge and County for his entire school career when he was admitted, according to admissions form, we now know he moved to Lincoln School in autumn 1943 as a boarder though the family hadn’t moved from Sawston.



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