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36, Sunnyside / 38, Kingsland, Mingle Lane, Stapleford

History of 36 / 38 Mingle Lane, Stapleford

In 2021 a descendant of William King forwarded this note:

The name of the house in Shelford was “Sunnyside” and it has now changed its name to something else. There was quite a bit of land with the property, but the house was sold and some of the land was kept and my Grandmother Lily King née Fordham had a bungalow built on part of the land and named it “Kingsland” 38 Mingle Lane, Stapleford, Cambridgeshire. Both William and Lily are buried in the same grave in the graveyard extension of St Andrews Church in Mingle Lane. This should help you with the location of Sunnyside. The grounds were quite large and my uncle Reg who was retraining from reconnaissance pilot to be a bomber pilot (flying DH4’s I think) in late 1918 used to line up on the house and drop his clothing to be washed in a bundle in the grounds at a pre-arranged time which really impressed his 3 year old brother,  my father.

William King and some family at Holland on Sea, late 1930s

The King family had previously lived at 7 De Freville Avenue. William King lived in Stapleford until his death in 1949.

Notes on William Kings Life 1870

William King and Sir William Richard Morris

William King memorial photograph 1949


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