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107/9 Hills Road

167/9 Hills Road (Lansdowne/Bemerton) – Helen Hotel

Historical notes 167/169 Hills Road - Helen Hotel

In the early 20th century there were large terraced houses here, 167 Lansdowne, and 169 Bemerton.

The original Helen Hotel was at 155 Hills Road and was opened in 1969 by Gino Agodino. From San Remo, he had worked at the garden House Hotel for many years as the confectionery chef. He realised the potential for tourism in Cambridge and the Helen Hotel was the first such business south of the railway bridge.

In 1972 he bought 167 and 169 Hills Road and the new hotel opened in 1974. The name is that of his Neapolitan wife Helen.

Sources: Cambridge News (Cambridgeshire Collection)



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