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6 Blinco Grove, Middlesex House

History of 6 Blinco Grove


Edward Robinson, 43, railway livestock agent, born Norfolk

Elizabeth M, 37, born Norfolk

Helen E M, 17, born Norfolk

Beatrice M, 15, born Norfolk

Charles F, 13, born London

Flora G, 12, born London

Dora J, 10, born London

Kate D, 8, born London

Edward L, 6, born London

Ernest G A, 2, born Cherry Hinton

Hector D, 7 mos, born Cherry Hinton


Charles Stowe Piper, 58, brewer’s merchant & commercial agent hops, casks …, born Worthing

Lucy, 58, born Whitechapel

David Thomas, 19, farmer, born Cherry Hinton

Margaret Lucy, art teacher, born Cambridge

William Muir, private with 70th Canadian Forestry Corps. This was a special unit of 250 Canadians who were recruited in 1917 to work on construction projects such as laying pipelines, building telephone lines and new railway tracks. He was a farmer from Greenwood, British Columbia, who enlisted in June 1917. On 1/10/18 he married Marguerita Piper of 6 Blinco Grove at St John’s church.


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