Capturing Cambridge
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243 Hills Road, Hazlewood/Hazelwood, (Hills Avenue)

History of 243 Hills Road


(Hazlewood Hills Avenue)

Joseph W Clark


Arthur H, 29, draper’s shopwalker, born Cambridge

Sidney B., 24, musical student, born Cambridge

Maggie Smith, servant, 23, born Hunts.


Joseph Clark, 68, draper, born Soham

Emily Clark, 69, born Camden Town

Annie Childerley, 15, servant, housemaid, born Elsworth

The Clark family had previously lived at 4 Wilton Terrace, Station Road, and before that, after their marriage at 1 St Minver Terrace Bateman Street.

Hazlewood was Joseph Clark’s mother, Ann Hazlewood’s, maiden name.

In 1908 the Foreign and Overseas Mission group from St John’s Church met here.

In 1908 Arthur married Florence Hobbs and moved to 31 Chesterton Hall Crescent.



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