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79 Hinton Avenue (formerly 1 ?)

History of 79 Hinton Avenue

The historical numbering and naming of the houses in Hinton Avenue is a little unclear at this point. There were six original terraced cottages number 1-6, but the modern numbering goes from 69-79. 79 was also called Meads End which suggests that it was not one of the original cottages but there is no other candidate for the original no.1!


(no number or name)

James Dean, horsekeeper on farm


George H, 19, general labourer GER, born Cherry Hinton

Frederick A, 18, carter of forage,

Frances E



James Dean, 64, farm labourer, born Fulbourn

Margaret, 63, fitter, born Cambs.

Fred N, 28, fitter’s labourer railway, born Cherry Hinton

Frances, 21, servant, born Cherry Hinton

Fred F Tucker, 29, baker, born Essex

Frank Haughton, 22, gardener, born Cambs.

William Challis, boarder, 20, house boy, born Cambs.




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