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107 Mowbray Road

History of 107 Mowbray Road


Sidney G Fisher

Pamela Knights’s parents moved to 107 Mowbray Road in 1930.  She went to Morley Memorial and Coleridge Schools before working for the NHS. In 2016 she recalled her parents, their work and the move to Mowbray Road:

At the time the house backed on to marshy fields. She remembers how much the area had to be drained before Wulfstan Way could be built:

Pamela remembers the occasion that homes were hit by bombs in Mowbray Road:

The field at the back of her house gave her a vantage point to count British bombers as they passed over head. Especially memorable was the occasion one of the planes made an emergency landing on the site of Wulfstan Way today:

She describes the water tanks and pill boxes that were built along Mowbray Road, as well as the warnings that children were given:

She describes how people grew vegetables and bartered for food. Those who had chickens had to had over surplus eggs:

Her father worked for a food supplier and Pamela explains in more detail the regulations over the supply and transport of food during the war:

Pamela came into contact with a lot of evacuees during the war. Her husband’s family found themselves with a new family member as a result:

Once on her way to school she and her friends were unable to cross the road went an enormous convoy of Dunkirk survivors drove past:


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