Capturing Cambridge
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By Dormskirk - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

40 Mowbray Road

History of 40 Mowbray Road


Thomas L Whitley, LNER driver



Thomas L Whitley, b 1891, LNER driver

Elizabeth, b 1899

Wilfred G, b 1865, retired coachman

Ernest F Bayliss, b 1930

Samuel Wilfred Whitley born 1921 was the son of Thomas Leonard and Elizabeth Isabella Paterson Whitley. He was a private in the 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment. He died 11th August 1945 and is buried in the Yokohama War Cemetery, Japan. This is possibly because he had been taken back to Japan as a prisoner of war where we know that other POWs were used as labourers in coal mines. Samuel had been captured at Singapore.


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