Capturing Cambridge
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Queen Edith House

History of Queen Edith House Flats


  1. Gordon M Wellman
  2. Mrs Stockdale
  3. Wilfred Philip Kingdon, schoolmaster
  4. W M Griffith


  1. Gordon M Wellman, b 1899, building contractors manager (Special Constabulary); Dorothy G, b 1897 (ARP First Aid); Mary Whatmore, b 1863
  2. Mary B Clement, b 1885; Archibald Robertson, b 1886, telegraphist retired (ARP St John’s Ambulance); ?
  3. Roymon H White, b 1893, quantity surveyor on staff of air ministry; Henrietta, b 1890, modern languages teacher retired
  4. Emily C French, b 1864; Lilian E Newland, b 1870; Audrey B Cooper (Racher), b 1916.


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