Capturing Cambridge
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20 Rathmore Road, (8)

History of 20 Rathmore Road


(8 Rathmore Terrace)

James S Bennett, 57, carpenter at home, born Norfolk

Elizabeth H, 48, born Norfolk

Lily A, 24, born Norfolk

Eamil M, 11, born Norfolk


George Edward Hutt, 67 retired schoolmaster Elementary assistant overseer Trumpington Parish Council, born Cambridge

Emma Hutt, 62, born Notts.

Annie Louisa, 28, born Trumpington

Ethel Maud, 26, telegraphist GPO, born Trumpington

Stanley John Hutt, 21, pupil surveyor, born Trumpington

Stanley John Hutt, Bedfordshire Regiment; Labours Corps 319 Prisoners of War. An assistant surveyor. He joined up on 21.12.14. On 24.3.16 he was late for guard mounting parade. On 10/10/17 he was reprimanded for not complying with an order viz not marching at attention when ordered.



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