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36 Rathmore Road, (16)

History of 36 Rathmore Road


(16 Rathmore Terrace)

John A Brown, 30, commercial traveller, born Suffolk

Edith A, 26, born Yorks.

Dorothy R, 2, born Cherry Hinton

Agnes M Brown, 1 month, born Cherry Hinton

Maud Tofts, 13, general servant, born Linton


Charles Hugo Ziegler, 38, law student, born India

Ida, 36, born Burman

Reginald Charles, 10, born Burma

Ralph Arthur, 8, born Burma

Hilda Dorothy Mingay, 17, servant, born Dullingham

Ziegler became director of law studies at Pembroke College and was known as ‘Charlie.’ He had been an exceptional student and graduated in June 1912, taking a Masters in 1918. The book ‘The Great Escape: The Life and Death of Roger Bushell – Love, Betrayal, Bix X and The Great Escape’ by Simon Pearson (2013) records that it was said Ziegler ‘ had the deserved reputation of being able to get the dullest people through their exams, and he coached across the university from 1913 to 1952.” Ziegler had a black box containing a deaf aid wired to headphones that would emit loud squeaks and buzzes as he adjusted it.

He wrote 4 works in 35 publications in English and German.



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