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26 Sedley Taylor Road

History of 26 Sedley Taylor Road

1935 (1932-36)

James Lean

Rhoda (Smith)


1939 (1937-9)

Claudine S Gray, b 1870, private means

Phyllis M Archibald, b 1907, cook

In 2017 Jonathan Gray shared his reminiscences about the house his grandmother lived in during WWII. His grandmother had bought the house in 1938 and lived there until 1947, after which Jonathan’s father continued living at the house until 1996. It originally had a full size tennis court in the garden but this was replaced with  a pergola walk down the garden. During the works the family even left a hidden time capsule for future generations to discover.

The top picture shows the house as it was first built in 1935; the photo is annotated on the back ‘Ambrose’s new house Sedley Taylor Road.’ Jonathan and his parents eventually exchanged homes with his grandmother and moved into 26 Sedley Taylor Road in 1947.


Evelina Wybrow (Parker)


Percy Charles Gray, auctioneer and valuer

Dorothy (Coleman)


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