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31 Sedley Taylor Road

History of 31 Sedley Taylor Road

1935: (1929-39)

John Douglas Cockcroft, MA PhD

Eunice (Crabtree)

Cockcroft was a British physicist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1951 for splitting the atomic nucleus. In WWI he served on the Western Front with the Royal Field Artillery.  He studied at St John’s College Cambridge and then became a research student at the Cavendish Laboratory. During WWII he became Assistant Director of Scientific Research in the Ministry of Supply, working on radar. (For more information follow the link above)


Raphael Vangrevelinghe , b 1906, teacher maths and french

Ernestina, b 1906, teacher French Russian Romanian German,

Louise Beguin, b 1896, teacher mathematics


Frank B Oakshott, b 1864, solicitor retired

Remi E R Laurent, b 1908, french civil servant teacher of science

Renee E J Laurent, b 1900, teacher French civil servant

Dorothy Richardson, b 1915, cook


Alexander R Todd

Alexander Robertus Todd, biochemist

Alison (Dale)


Harry Kidd, bursar St John’s College

Marie (Williams)


Nevill Francis Mott

Ruth (Horder)


John Cockcroft

Eunice (Crabtree)


Sir Nevill Mott

Ruth (Horder)


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