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General Resources

General Resources

Mike Petty:

A Cambridgeshire bibliography, vol.1: books and pamphlets. An annotated bibliography of printed material added to the Cambridgeshire Collection 1855-2016

A Cambridgeshire Bibliography, vo1.2: an annotated list of the articles in the Cambridge Antiquarian Society Proceedings 1859-2017 and Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire Archaeological Society Transactions 1901-1953

Fenland Notes and Queries Contents List. An index and partial abstract of material appearing in Fenland Notes and Queries, a quarterly antiquarian journal for the fenland, 1889 to 1906. In was a forum in which people sent in questions about the history, ecology etc to which others replied

Copies of Newspaper Articles 1905-1985:

Guide and Illustration Catalogue:



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