Capturing Cambridge
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31 Newmarket Road (4 Auckland Terrace)

History of 31 Newmarket Road


James Wilson, 48, tailor and robemaker, b Herts

Elizabeth M, 49, b Herts

Cecil J R, 27, builders assistant, b Herts

Clement F, 22, tailors cutter and traveller, b Cambridge

Horace E, 20, barrister’s clerk, b Cambridge

Edgar S, 19, journeyman tailor, b Cambridge

Percy L, 17, grocer’s assistant, b Cambridge

Bernard C, 16, cook’s apprentice, b Cambridge

May B, 14, dressmaker’s apprentice, b Cambridge

Eva M,13, b Cambridge

Frank H, 12, b Cambridge

Aubrey C, 10, b Cambridge

Dorice I, 5, b Cambridge



James Wilson, tailor



Mrs Ellwood


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