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1 Whitehill Road, Wilfield

History of 1 Whitehill Road

1939: Wilfield

William E Tebbit, b 1913, bread baker

Frances M, b 1913


CEN 1988: William Tebbit was one of the first families to move onto the Whitehill Estate. The house cost £575 and was one of the two show houses on the estate. At the time there were open fields around and you could see almost to Fulbourn from here. He saw the late Mr David Marshall set out from his house nearby on his horse across those fields on the Sunday he had an accident from which he never recovered. The estate had a few close shaves during the war, but the Tebbits’ strongest memory is of a plane that crashed into Mr Marshall’s house nearby. Mrs Tebbit was in the kitchen when she saw the plane heading straight to her. She handed her baby son, Michael, to Mr Tebbit and shouted at him to take him somewhere safe. In fact it smashed into Aviation Hall, and the pilot, a girl ferry pilot who had just taken off further down the road, was killed. They also remember a stick of incendiary bombs , which lit a path from the Globe public house like a row of fairy lights. An ack-ack battery was based on the site of Efleda Road and the Tebbits recall that night after night the guns shook the houses in the road.


1962: (1)

William E Tebbit


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