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Adam and Eve Street nos 1-4 (MoC)

1 – 25 Adam and Eve Street (Row)

History of Adam and Eve Row


19. Thomas Cardinal was living here. His mother was Ann Spurgeon, aunt of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Thomas is buried at Mill Road Cemetery.


  1. George Ashby

2. Eliza Bell

3. Herbert Hills

4. Hetty Scott

5. Thomas Wilkin

6. Samuel Caudall

7. Alfred Loaks

8. James Strachan

9. & 10. unoccupied

11. Martha Smill

12. David Coe

13. Anthony Redding

14. Eliza Green

15. Ann Rayner

16. William Franklin


Ann Camps, 55, b Suffolk

John C, 15, son, b Cambridge

Octavius Phillips, boarder, 23, printer compositor, b Wales

Harry Swann, boarder, 19, merchant’s clerk, b Cambridge

19. John Daisley

18. Elizabeth Bottomley

20. Martha Noble

21. Henry Juby

22. uninhabited

23. Maurice Maltby

24. Alfred Arnold

25. Mary Stubbings

26. Charles Ward

35. Arthur Rutter

36. Caroline Stock

37. James Cornwell

38. Henry Bell

House back no.38: uninhabited


Sarah Mayes

Maria Leonard

40. Frederick Hatley

41. Frederick Sterling

42. John F Spilman

43. Edwin Blackwell

44. Thomas Horn

45. Louisa Allen


  1. Mrs E A Hoskinson

2. George Brown, stonemason

3. Walter Robert Hardy, furniture remover

4. James Ingall, custodian Free Library

5. Francis Flaxam, vanman

6. Arthur Richard Flack, painter

7. Mrs Hicks

8. Mrs Langram

9. Leslie Wheaton, vanman

10. Miss Biggs

11. James Peter Keal

12. Bertie Churchman, packer

13. W J Andrews, cab proprietor


Percy James Coburn, bricklayer

Lilla ‘Lil’ Coburn née Clarke

The Coburn family later moved to 12 Edward Street.

15. Mrs Jones

16. Herbert Blackwell

17. Henry Juby

18. Herbert William Maltby, relief stamper

19. William Mathews, brewers labourer

20. Harry A Clark

21. John Warrington

22. Mrs Gibson, bedmaker

23. Herbert Starling, coachman

24. George Barnes

25. Joseph Berry, shoemaker



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