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Charles Haddon Spurgeon (Wikitree)

8 Union Road

History of 8 Union Road

1841 (8)

James Millijoin, 39, tea dealer

Thomas, 20, draper

John, 18, draper

Mary, 38

William Jackson, 20, tea dealer


Edwin Seeding, 56, schoolmaster, b Cambridge

Mary, 77, widow, annuitant, b Cambridge

Susan Clarke, 31, housekeeper, b Cambs

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 16, articled pupil, assistant, b Essex

Charles Spurgeon‘s father was a pastor in the dissenting church in Colchester. Charles had recently joined the Baptist Church and went on to become a prominent pastor and preacher. (note from JJ 2023). In 1852, he was called to be the pastor of the small Baptist church at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire.


Joseph Pocock, 38, Inland Revenue officer, b ?

Emma, 35, b Norfolk

Joseph Thomas, 9, b Suffolk

Emma Sarah, 7, b Hants

Elizabeth Helen, 5, b Devon

John Alfred, 3, b Cambridge

Isabel Grace, 11 mons, b Cambridge


Harry Bicheno, grocer






Millicent, 10 mos,  b Cambridge

Elizabeth Banks, sister in law, 29, assistant in shop, b Sussex

Elizabeth Jackson, boarder, 53, living on own means, b Norfolk

Mary Reed Jackson, boarder, 52, living on own means, b Norfolk


Harry Bicheno, 40, hotel waiter, b Over

Edith, 45, b London

Phyllis, 16, dressmaker, b Cambridge

George, 15, at Vit Press printing works, b Cambridge

Stanley, 13, b Cambridge

Violet, 12, b Cambridge

Lissie, 10, b Cambridge

Marjorie, 9, b Cambridge

Doris, 8, b Cambridge

Walter, 6, b Cambridge

Basil, 5, b Cambridge


Henry Bicheno


Harry Bicheno, b 1871, retired

Edith, b 1866

Cissie, b 1900, dressmaker

Stanley Carter, b 1901, heavy lorry driver

Marjorie I Carter, b 1901


Miss C M Bicheno

7, 8, 9, 9a Union Road (MoC163/71)


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