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14-16 Bene’t Street

History of 14-16 Bene't Street

According to 1959 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Survey¬†of Cambridge, Barclay’s Bank, facing Peas Hill, is of three storeys. The site, on which stood the gateway of the Augustinian friary, was bought by William Finch, ironmonger, in 1720 who built a house and outbuildings where he lived until his death in 1761.

In 1783 the house was bought by John Mortlock and in 1886 it was part the private house and part the bank of E J Mortlock. The outbuilding wee demolished when the Arts Schools were built. During the second half of the 19th century the twomlower floors of most of the house were remodelled to form a lofty banking hall.

Some of the rooms of the second floor retain 18th cent. features. The room in the SE wing was formerly Mortlock’s dining room and was decorated circa 1790.

Many of the fittings removed from here in 1896 were installed in ‘Thorneycreek’ Herschel Road.


14 Barclays Bank

15-16 Barclays Bank

15-16 A E Bowers



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