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23 - 24 Clarendon Street

24 Clarendon Street

History of 24 Clarendon Street


John Phillips, 31, Keeper of the Royal Tennis Court, b. Stratfield Saye, Hamps

Elizabeth Phillips, 32, b Ireland

Emma Elizabeth Phillips, 9, b. Swallowfield, Berks

Mary Harriet Phillips, 7, b. Stratfield Saye, Hampshire

Henry William Phillips, 3, b. Cambridge

Arthur John Phillips, 9m, b. Cambridge

The 1871 census has John living on Burrell’s Walk, and occupation is “Manager of Tennis Court”.


Doughty C Smith, 37, College Gardener, b. Cambridge

Sarah Smith , 31, b. Cambridge

Mary E Smith, 4, b. Cambridge

George F Smith, 3, b. Cambridge

Emily F Smith, 2, b. Cambridge

Laura A Smith, 4m, b. Cambridge

Emily C Smith, 34, b. Cambridge

Benjamin Parsons, 24, Undergraduate, b. Stonehouse, Gloucestershire


Doughty C Smith, 47, b. Cambridge

Sarah Smith , 40, b. Cambridge

Mary E Smith, 14, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Emily F Smith, 12, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Laura A Smith, 10, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Sarah M Smith, 2, b. Cambridge

Harry D Smith, 2, b. Cambridge

Emily C Smith, 45, b. Cambridge


Mill Road Cemetery:


Doughty C Smith, 57, College Servant, b. Cambridge

Mary Eliz Smith, 24, Shopwoman, b. Cambridge

Emily Flor Smith, 22, Tailoress, b. Cambridge

Laura Amelia Smith, 20, Household Duties, b. Cambridge

Sarah N Smith, 12, b. Cambridge

Harry D Smith, 12, b. Cambridge

Emily Carter Smith, 55, b. Shepreth, Cambs

Hilda L Flitton, 19, b. no entry


Mill Road Cemetery:


Doughty Smith, 67, Widow, College Gardener, b. Cambridge

Emily Smith, 32, Dressmaker Machinist, b. Cambridge

Laura Smith, 30, b. Cambridge

Harry Smith, 22, College Servent, b. Cambridge

Emily Smith, 65, Sister, b.Cambridge

Hugh Porter, 23, Lodger, School teacher, b. Bedfordshire


Mill Road Cemetery:


Doughty Cator Smith, 77, Widow, Gardener, b. Cambridge

Emily Florence Smith, 42, House Keeper, b. Cambridge

Laura Amelia Smith, 39, Dress Maker, b. Cambridge

Harry Davis Smith, 32, College Servant, b. Cambridge





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