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Clarendon Arms

35 Clarendon Street, Clarendon Arms

History of 35 Clarendon Street


Charles Riggs, 53, publican, b. London

Sophia Riggs, 50, b. Whiterhead, Suffolk

Bradbury Last, 69, b. Bradfield, Suffolk

Harriet Last, 11, b. Bury St Edmonds




Henry Kettle, 35, Publican Waiter, b. Magddish, Norfolk

Jane Kettle, 36, Publican’s wife, b. Bingham, Notts

James Kettle, 10, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Link to Mill Road Cemetery website:


1881: The Clarendon Arms

Jane Kettle, 43, Widow, Publican, b. Nottinghamshire

James, 20, Cook, b. Cambridge

Louisa Potter, 14, Servant, b. Bottisham




Jane Kettle, 57, Widow, Publican, b. Bingham, Notts

MRC – Jane



Jane Kettle, 67, Publican, b. Bingham, Notts

Kate M Coulson, 17, Servant, b. Milton, Cambs




William Walter Scargill, 31, Publican & Decorator etc, b. Colchester

Ada Louise Scargill, 41, b. Portsmouth

Herbert Charles Brown, 14, step-son, b. Guildford

Harold Newton Brown, 12, step-son, b. Guildford

Edith Mary Scargill, 3, b. Colchester


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