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30 Clarendon Street

30 Clarendon Street

History of 30 Clarendon Street


Flindus Newman, 35, Joiner, b. Eltisley, Cambs

Susannah Newman, 31, b. Sutton, Beds

Julia Newman, 5, b. Cambridge

Louisa Newman, 3, b. Cambridge

Thomas Newman, 1, b. Cambridge

Charles Hasell, 15, Joiners Apprentice, b. Toft, Cambs

William Mabb, 37, farmer & butcher, b.Cambridge



Flindees Newman, 45, Builder, b. Eltisley, Cambs

Susanna Newman, 42, Builder’s Wife, b. Sutton, Beds

Julia Newman, 15, b. Cambridge

Louisa Newman, 13, b. Cambridge

Thomas Newman, 11, b. Cambridge

Harry F Newman, 8, b. Cambridge

Ellen Newman, 7, b. Cambridge


Sarah Symonds, 66, Housekeeper, b. Gt Swaffham, Cambs

John H Drew, 28, Joiner, b. Waterbeach, Cambs

Walter Stockbridge, 25, Joiner, b. Melbourne, Cambs


Flinders Newman (1874) then F Burwick (1878)



Frederick Burwick, 38, Master Builder (8 men), b. Aldborough, Norfolk

Emma Burwick, 40, b. Erpingham, Norfolk

Harry Burwick, 4, b. Cambridge

Jemima Newstead, 71, Widow, b. Renton, Norfolk

Harriet E Smith, 13, Servant, b. Caldecote, Cambs

William R Raven, 18, Undergraduate, b. Gt Yarmouth

John S Austin – no further details

Mill Road Cemetery: town sanitation & New Chesterton Sunday School!


Sarah Symonds, 76, b. Gt Swaffham, Cambs

Edward J Potter, 23, Grocer’s Assistant



Fredk Burwick, ventilating and sanitary engineer, builder, & undertaker (1887)


Mrs Sarah Ann Miller (1887)



Entry 175

Emma Burwick, 53, b.Cambridge

Harry Burwick, 14, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Kath Potter, 16, Servant, b. Cambridge

Mill Road Cemetery

Entry 176


Sarah Ann Miller, 55, Widow, Lodging House Keeper, b. Cambridge

Joseph Miller, 20, Blacksmth, b. Cambridge

Willie Brewster, 21, Boarder, Blacksmith, b. Gosfield, Essex

Sam Leach, 20, Boarder, Blacksmith, b. Withersfield, Suffolk



William Godlington, whitesmith


Alfred Howard, carpenter



William Goolington, 36, ???, b. Cambridge

Alice Goolington, 28, b. Cambridge

Florene Norden, 15, Servant, b. Cambridge

A Douglas Fox, 26, Visitor. B. Brighton

Constance D Fox, 24, Visitor, b. Madras India


Alfred Howard, 42, Carpenter & Joiner, b. Litcham, Norfolk

Eliza Howard, 42, b. Burford, Norfolk

Edgar Howard, 14, b. Lowestoft

Elsie Howard, 12, b. Lowestoft

Mary Boart, 81, Mother-in-law, b. Attleborough



Samuel Anthony Catling, 50, Carpenter, b. Stadbroke, Suffiolk

Elizabeth Ann Catling, 47, b. London

Elsie Grace Catling, 17, Dress Maker, b. Cambridge


Alfred Edward Howard, 53, Carpenter & Joiner, b. Litcham, Norfolk

Eliyce Ann Howard, 53, b. Barford, Norfolk

Elsie Mary Howard, 23, b. Lowestoft


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