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M Primeau's mother in the garden of No. 6 Elm Street

6 Elm Street

History of 6 Elm Street

(approximate position)


Frederick J Boot coachman

In 2020 Maggie Prideau wrote:

I was born in Cambridge in 1940 at 6 Elm St; my parents were college servants at Jesus College who owned the houses in Elm St. My father was born in Eden St.  Our two-up two-down house was home to parents, two brothers and one sister. Cold water only in scullery, outdoor toilet at end of yard. By 1943 my father was a cook at Bassingbourn Air Force Station. I lived in that house until 1963 when I got married and moved to USA. All my relatives on fathers side were from Cambridge area (Haydens). Grandmother lived at 10 Clarendon St; father’s brother was Police Constable.

As for WWII remembrances, not too many as I was young. Hiding in a closet under the staircase, or kitchen table during air raids if we couldn’t get ton shelter in time. We had painted a swastika under the table so we could yell at Hitler. 

See entry on Ross Street Children’s Home

1959, M Primeau’s daughter sitting on the wall of no. 1 Elm Street

M Primeau’s mother in the garden of No. 6 Elm Street

Looking towards Rookes the builders yard

No. 6 Elm Street in 2003


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