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189 Hills Road

189 Hills Road (former St John’s Vicarage)

Historical notes on 189 Hills Road


John George, 57, clergyman, born Derby

Edith, 52, born London

Eric, 22, undergraduate, born Warwicks.

Editha M, 19, born Sussex

Louisa Benett, 14, servant, born London

Daisy E Hilch, 14, servant, born Fowlmere


Arthur Edward Love, 56, vicar of the parish, born St Ives Cornwall

Charlotte Hannah Love, 50, born Beds.

John Henry Addington Love, 13, born Eaton Socon

Helen Mary Davison Love, 12, born Beds.

Stephen William Addington Love, 9, born Beds.

Philip Thomas Addington Love, 7, born Beds.

Thomas Henry Love, 97, widower, retired collector of H M Customs, born Portsmouth

Martha Maud Richards, 30, governess, born Glasgow

Emily Ann Harrington, 40, cook, born Southampton

Harriet Gilman, 22, housemaid, born London

Susan Hoppett, 63, nurse, born Coton

This house was the vicarage of St John the Evangelist before the house in Luard Road.

It was threatened with demolition in 2001 when plans were submitted to demolish it and two other houses to create a block of flats.

Sources: Cambridge News (Cambridgeshire Collection)


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