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King Edward's Horse Regimental Badge

16 King Street

History of 16 King Street

16 King Street


Headquarters (C Squadron) King Edward’s Horse (The King’s Overseas Dominions Regiment) Special Reserve

Colonel in Chief, His Majesty the King

Squadron Commander, Major E W Hermon

Further information about the regiment can be found here:

Lawrence Bragg recalls in ‘Crystal Clear’ p.88 that he and his brother Rob were in King Edward’s Horse. ‘It was composed of men who had come originally from the Dominions and was first called ‘The King’s Colonials’. My cousin, Steenie Squires, had got into the unit on the grounds that his mother was Australian. We were mounted infantry, trained in the tactics found useful in the Boer War. The emphasis was on marksmanship, riding and care of our horses. We were in sections of four, and on exercises three of us dismounted and delivered a withering fire on the enemy while the fourth held the horses…’


(6-16) H W Peake


(6-16) Court Bros Furnishers Ltd

6 – 16 King Street, 1972 (MoC 182/72)

16 King Street, 1972 (MoC 80/72)


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