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King’s Court, King Street

King's Court, King Street


Thomas King Fletcher, 46, blacksmith/publican, b Bottisham

Matilda A, 36, b London

Matilda, 13, b Cambridge

Harriet, 11, b London

Amelia A, 9, b Cambridge

George, 6, b Cambridge

Clara, 3m , b Cambridge

Walter Brook, lodger, 45, Chelsea pensioner, b Cambridge

John Saunders, 47, college servant, b Cambridge

John Capps, 53, 53, labourer, b Cherry Hinton


William Michael, 43, coachsmith, b Cambridge


Joshua Charles, 26, groom, b Cambridge


John Kidd, 66, builders labourer, b Soham


Ann Clerk, 60, laundress, b Cambridge


William More, 38, whitesmith, b Norfolk


Jabeth Edwards, 43, plumber glazier, b Suffolk


Cambridge Independent Press 18.6.1853: This is a report on the Commission into Corrupt Election practices at Cambridge. Evidence was given by Thomas King Fletcher.

I am a voter of the Borough; I keep the King’s Arms in King Street. Mr Francis Eaden came to me with another gentleman and asked me to vote for the Tory party.

A Voice: You are wrong, Mr Eaden canvassed for the other party.

Mr T Naylor: Don’t interfere with him.

Witness: Long came, and asked me if I had promised my vote; I said “No;” he advised me not to promise, saying “Let it be till I see you again.” He came again an the night before the elction offered me 15l. I got only 10l. on the first night then 2l. more. I told Long that this was not what we made a bargain for, and I wanted 3l. more, but I have not had it.

Has your wife had it? – No. I never had a vote before. I sold it for the first time. My house is not in Barnwell; it is close against William Taylor’s.

Any treating in your house? – No.

Matilda Fletcher:

I am the wife of the last witness; I was not present when Long came; I have seen him with my husband; Long gave me 5l. and 5 sovereigns; I afterwards got two more from him. I made no application to anybody about my husband’s vote; I never saw Naylor about it. We had an execution in our house after the election; not before voting. I never said to anybody, that my husband should vote if the execution was taken away.



Lydia Murcutt, 67, almswoman formerly servant, b Cambridge


William Mickle, 52, coachsmith, b Cambridge


William Wetenhall, 68, breeches maker, b Cambridge


Charles Nightall, 40, shoemaker, b Ely


Thomas Sears Watson, 36, french polisher, b Northants


Ann Stutters, 69, formerly college servant, b Cambridge, blind


  1. Clarke Finch
  2. J Jennings
  3. S T Fulcher cabinet maker; F G Metcalfe taxidermist


Smith Walton, painters





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