Capturing Cambridge
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John M E McTaggart

4 – 5 Benet Place, Lensfield Road

History of 4 - 5 Benet Place, Lensfield Road

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: they were built in c.1820 and, though distinct dwellings, form a single block of unified and symmetrical design. Nos. 4 and 5 are good examples of large town houses of their period, with notable ironwork. the whole of Benet Place is a spacious early 19th-century development of much dignity.


(4) Alexandra Gordon, 25, servant, b Cambs

Elizabeth Newman, 23, servant, b Essex

(5) Emily A Kenneth,  30, b Calcutta

Edward J B M, 12 mos, b Cambridge

Mary C D, 12 mos, b Cambridge

Evelyn D V Scott, niece, 13, b Murree N. India

Madeline D V Scott, niece, 12, b Punjab India

Maria Rawlinson, servant, 25, cook, b Stapleford

Margaret Rawlinson, 19, housemaid, b Sawston

Edith M Dunn, 18, nurse, b Sawston




(4) Arthur H Miller, 30, physician, b Sri Lanka

Laura Dutton, 42, housekeeper, b Norway

Martha White, 36, cook, b Cambridge

Gabrielle Palmer, 27, parlourmaid, b Norfolk

Alice M Hauseman, boarder, 28, b India

Enid Hauseman, boarder, 4, b Scotland

Winnifred Lewell, 18, children’s nurse, b Cambs



(4) –

(5) John McTaggart Ellis McTaggart, fellow of Trinity College


(4) Mrs C L Kay

(5) Mrs K A Joseph


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