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Park Street / Garlic Fair Lane

History of Park Street, Cambridge

1959 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of Cambridge: Park Street, known until c 1830 as Garlic Fair Lane, contains houses predominantly of the first half of the 19th cent.; only two are exceptional in any way …. the whole area appears undeveloped in William Custance‘s Survey of 1798.

Nos. 49-57, irregular terraces, and No. 59, an oddly-shaped three storey house, on the W of Upper park Street, probably rose soon after the sale of the Blackmoor Head estate in 1825. Nos. 5-18 on the E are of rather later in the same decade and are shown in R G Baker’s map of Cambridge of 1830…. Nos. 19-42 … are of c. 1834; twelve of the houses were advertised for sale in the Cambridge Chronicle in that year.


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