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7 and 7a Portugal Place (12 and 13 Clement Lane)

History of 7 Portugal Place

Lots 41 and 42 in the 1825 sale of the Salutation pub and related buildings were acquired by a single bidder. He built two small houses, nos. 10 and 11 Clement Lane which became nos. 5 and 6 Portugal Place. He further built two tiny cottages with access from Clement Lane, squeezed into the north-east corner of Lot 41. A passage past these cottages linked Clement Lane and Blackmoor Head Yard.

Three Views of Clement Hostel

By 1906, the sites of 6,7, and 7a Portugal Place, as well as the old stable to the south, were occupied by ‘St Clement’s Parish School’.

In an 1887 directory there were two listings:

St Clement’s House School at no. 6 Blackmoor Head Yard

St Clement’s Church School between nos. 6 and 7 Portugal Place

However, by 1891 there was a ‘St Clement Sunday School’ at 6 Blackmoor Head Yard but no mention of a school at Portugal Place. T E Faber’s opinion (An Intimate History of St Clement’s) was that this school was a successor of a school run by nuns in a so-called ‘Church House’ which seemed to have been closing down at the time.


7a James Ellis

7b Mrs A Deakin

1962: 5 – 7

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