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Blackmoor Head Yard (RGL 2022)

Blackmoor Head Yard

History of Blackmoor Head Yard

This was an alleyway perpendicular to Bridge Street between the Mitre Hotel (17) and The Baron of Beef (19). In 1913 there were 12 addresses there.

In 1825 there was a livery occupying part of the garden behind the Blackmoor Head Yard run by Henry Browning. St John’s College granted him a lease in that year. The livery was next to ‘the Dunghill’, a source of local nuisance.


(1) William Chamberlain, 54, groom, b Gravely

(2) Charlotte Piper, 63, lodging house keeper, b Suffolk

(3) Mary Bell, 60, bedmaker, b Cambridge

(4) Thomas Bridges, 44, college servant, b Cambridge

(5) George Robinson, 47, tailor, b Beds

(6) Samuel Lovejoy, 43, labourer, b Berks

(7) Frederick Lewis, 47, labourer, b Cambridge

(8) Robert Holliday, 36, potato merchant, b Lincs

(9) William Horner, 39, groom, b Fen Drayton


6. St Clement’s School House

Cambridge City Plan, 1888


6. St Clement Sunday School


1. Harry G Pilcher

2. Mrs E Golding

3. John Graves, plasterer’s labourer

4. Mrs Ward

5. William Farnfield

6. Cox Motor Cab Company

7. R Darkins, relief stamper

8-9. Mrs Priest

10. Arthur Willis

11. Mrs Seymour

12. Mrs Ellen Clerk, Henry Buck jobmaster

Blackmoor Head Yard, print by Rita Genlloud c.1926


Blackmoor Head Press

Allen & Philips, sign and van writers


Blackmoor Head Yard (RGL 2022)

Blackmoor Head Yard (RGL 2022)



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