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13 – 15 Sidney Street

History of 13 - 15 Sidney Street

No.15 was the home of the De La Pryme family. It was originally a quaintly embattled gabled house. It was the home of:

Busick Harwood, 1790

Sir Busick Harwood, professor of anatomy (1745-1815)

George Pryme, professor of political economy (1781-1868)

Gateway of 15 Sidney Street


George Pryme purchased no.15. He wrote in his autobiography:

It was a large remnant of the Trinity Hostel, which, with many others of the like kind, were superseded by Colleges. In making considerable alterations I preserved as much as I could the remains of the internal arrangement. At first it seemed as if it would be impossible to remain there, for our servants believed in a rumour that the house was haunted, and for some time we had a difficulty in persuading them to remain, till at length the ghost was laid by ourselves occupying the room in which “the black lady’ was said to walk.

See Enid Porter’s article:




George Smith, 47, chimney sweep, b Berks


Theodora Fitch, 63, interest from mortgages, b Cambridge


Rev Charles Henry Crosse, 32, clergyman, b Norfolk

Sidney Street 1925


F W Woolworth, department store


Next, clothes store


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