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The Expulsion 1871 by Henry Wiles (Fitzwilliam Museum)

11 St Andrew’s Street

History of 11 St Andrew's Street

Harpers would make up corsets for customers with the materials bought from Robert Sayles next door. Sayles imported silk from Singapore and had a wide choice of fabrics. The Harper, Sayles and Gray families all worshipped at St Andrews church. (according to 2021 email from G.Worth)

1841 unnumbered

Joshua Harper, 30, stay maker

May, 35

Rosina, 11

Emily, 10

Harriet, 5

Charles, 7

Henry, 3

Clara, 2

Mary Ann, 6m

Read Harper, 4

Ann Paul, 25, stay maker

Mary Sheppard, 20 stay maker

Grace Hopson, 20, servant

1851 unnumbered

Joshua Harper, 44, staymaker, b London

Mary, staymaker

Rosina, staymaker

Emily, 20, staymaker, b Cambridge

Harriet, 18, staymaker, b Cambridge

Charles, 17, carver, b Cambridge

Rosa, 14, b Cambridge

Henry, 12, b London

Clara, 11, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 10, b Cambridge

Joshua, 8, b Cambridge

Ann Paul, wifes sister, 39, stay maker, b March

Anne Sheppard, 32, staymaker, b London

Mary Ann Plum, servant, 18, b Balsham

Charles West, lodger, 24, scholar Emmanuel College,  b Oxon


Joshua Harper, master staymaker, 1 man 24 girls

Mary, 60, staymaker

Rosina, 30, staymaker

Henry W, 22, printer compositor

Clara A, 21, staymaker, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 20, staymaker, b Cambridge

Joshua, 18, homeopathic chemist, b Cambridge

Florence Oliver, grand daughter, 1, b Dominica

Sarah Moss, 30, servant, b Kneesworth


Joshua Harper, 64, staymaker employing 20 women and 2 girls, b London

Mary, 70, stay maker, b March

Rosina, 41, stay maker, b Middlesex

Clara, 34, stay maker, b Cambridge

Florence Oliver, grand daughter, 11, b Boston USA

Mary Ann Burbush, 37, assistant stay maker, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Burbush, 29, assistant stay maker, b Cambridge

Louisa S Brown, 29, assistant stay maker, b Suffolk

Louisa Andrews, 26, cook, b Suffolk

Harriett Radford, 18, housemaid, b Oakington


Joshua Harper, 74, corsetmaker, b London

Mary, 80, corsetmaker, b March

Rosina, 51, daughter, corsetmaker, b London

Constance Olliver, 19, granddaughter, apprentice staymaker, b London

Florence Brown, 26, apprentice staymaker, b Sussex

Susan Clayton, 26, cook, b Horningsea


Emily Oliver, 60, ladies outfitter, b Cambridge

Mabel Oliver, 22, artist sculptress, b Cambridge

[signed her work M Oliver Rae to disguise the fact she was a woman. produced a number of etchings of Cambridge.]

Etching by M Oliver Rae

Mary A Wade, 45, housekeeper, b Warboys

Maud F Gregg, 22, assistant, b Cambridge

Jane Laurie, 20, servant, b Cambridge

1901 ?


Henry Wiles, 72, retired fine art sculptor, b Cambridge

O’Connor’s child by Henry Wiles

Clara Louisa, stay corset and dress maker, b London

Ruth, 38, stay corset and dress maker, b London

Rosina Mary, 26, musician teacher, b Cambridge

Louisa Eva, niece, 37, dressmaker, b London

Elizabeth Ann, sister visitor, no occupation, b Cambridge

Olive Mary Parker, 24, confidential clerk miller, b Cambridge

Gertrude Northrop , 21, servant, b Harlton

Mabel Bessie Smith, 18, servant, b Cambridge


Harper and Oliver, corset maker

A monograph by Gill Rushworth on Harper and Oliver:

Harper and Oliver by Gill Rushworth (1)

Harper and Oliver by Gill Rushworth (2)

Harper and Oliver by Gill Rushworth (3)

Harper and Oliver by Gill Rushworth (4)

Harper and Oliver by Gill Rushworth (5)

Harper and Oliver by Gill Rushworth (6)

Harper and Oliver by Gill Rushworth (7)

Harper and Oliver by Gill Rushworth (8)



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