Capturing Cambridge
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22 St Andrew's Street c1960

22 St Andrew’s Street

History of 22 St Andrew's Street

1959 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Survey of Cambridge describes this as a house of two storeys built c. 1730. The shop-front is of late 19th century. Access to the first floor is now by a stair in the adjoining building.


George Dobson

Sophia Dobson, 23

Margaret, aunt, 47, schoolmistress, b Stow Cum Quy

Lois Ann Foster, 33, teacher, b Beds

Elizabeth Baker, boarder pupil, 19, b Comberton

Harriett Baker, boarder pupil, 19, b Comberton

Elizabeth Aufor, boarder pupil, 15, b Great Eversden

Elizabeth S Childs, boarder pupil, 15, b Norfolk

Susannah Deon, servant, 17, b Stow Cum Quy

Sophia Noble, servant, 20, b Stow Cum Quy



Margaret Dobson, 61, school mistress, b Stow Cum Quy

Sarah, sister, 68, invalid, b Stow Cum Quy

Kate, niece, 35, teacher, b Stow Cum Quy

Sophia, niece, 33, teacher, b Stow Cum Quy

Catherine Hall, 13, pupil, b Landbeach

Emily Theed, 9, pupil, b Stilton

William Sheed, 7, pupil, b Stilton

Ernest Sheed, 6, pupil, b Stilton

Anne Tweed, 22, housemaid, b Moulton

Herbert Hall, 9, pupil, b Landbeach

Mary Townsend, 20 servant, b Moulton

Albert G Bene, 7, pupil, b Australia



John Christmas, 48, solicitor, b Cambridge

Sarah Richardson, 55, servant, b St Ives


1881: Solicitors office

John Christmas, 55, solicitor, b Cambridge

Sarah Richardson, 64, servant, b Hunts

Emmeline Hales, 26, servant, b Herts



John S  Christmas, 68, solicitor, b Cambridge

Elizabeth A Moore, 28, housekeeper, b Linton

Ada Forsdyke, 16, servant, b Cambridge


2018: Penhaligon’s



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