Capturing Cambridge
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St Andrew's Street nos 26 - 30

26 St Andrew’s Street

History of 26 St Andrew's Street

1851: unnumbered

John Stevenson, 47, breadbaker, b Kent

May, 46, b Harston

Sarah Laurie, visitor, 28, servant, b Cambridge

Martha Huddlestone, 30, servant, b Waterbeach

George Langford, 24, journeyman baker, b Cambridge

George Mitchell, 17, bakers boy, b b Berks

John Thomas Hyde, 20, Emmanuel College scholar, b Surrey

Owen Marden, lodger, 21, Christs College scholar, b Sussex



Charles Gray, 25, master baker


Elizabeth Wrigglesworth, visitor, 27, b Yorks

Harriet Wellam, 20, servant, b Coton

George Frost, 23, journeyman baker, b Cambridge

Thomas Sharp, 18, errand boy, b Cambridge

Alfred Godson, 24, doctor of medicine?, b London

Joseph Milne, 19, student, b Lancs



Charles Gray, 35, master baker and confectioner, b Cambridge

Harriette, 35, b Cambridge

Annie H, 8, b Cambridge

Arthur C, 4, b Cambridge

Emma Armitage, 19, b Cambridge

Robert Thurston, 33, journeyman baker, b Norfolk

Henry Hearne, 21, journeyman baker, b Chesterton

Alfred Denbridge, 14, errand boy, b Thurnford


1881: Bakers shop

William Thurston, 31, confectioner


Ernest, 8 ms, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Graves, mother in law, 64, b Cottenham

Sarah A, sister in law, 27, b Cottenham

Roanden D H B Smith, lodger, 21, undergraduate, b Cornwall

Esther Braddy, 16, housemaid, b Little Wilbraham

Alice Ingrey, 19, servant, b Barton



William Thurston, 40, confectioner


Sarah Millers, 21, cook, b Barrington

Eliza Wallis, 16, housemaid, b Stetchworth



William Thurston, 52, confectioner, b Cambridge

Emma, 56, b Cottenham

Mabel Rickard, 19, servant, b Cambridge



William Thurston, 62, confectioner, b Cambridge

Emma, 67, b Cottenham

Maud Lawrence, 23, servant, b Balsham



William Thurston, baker and confectioner


Thornhills, bakers

26 St Andrew’s Street


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