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St Andrew's Street nos 26 - 30

27 St Andrew’s Street

History of 27 St Andrew's Street

The Grand Arcade excavation report (2019) notes for this site, Plot XIX:

In the 1830s the plot tail of the northern part of Plot XIX was redeveloped into a series of 11 small buildings, collectively known as St Andrew’s Court. This comprised an expansion of the five cottages that had existed here since 1771 and represents the creation of a small area of ‘slumland’ (Mayne & Murray 2001). These buildings had shallow footings and only fragments of these survived as Building 53, demonstrating that the individual structures were c. 5.5m wide by 4.5m deep. They consisted of a single ground floor room plus one or two upstairs bedrooms and each structure had its own separate WC and small open area. The development generally had c. 35–40 occupants at any time and was inhabited by relatively poor working class families, including lower status College servants such as bedmakers.

1851 unnumbered

William Peak, 32, furniture dealer employing 1 man, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 31, b Middlesex

Rebecca, 6, b Cambridge

William, 4, b Cambridge

John, 2, b Cambridge

Robert N, 8mos, b Cambridge

Jane Trigg, 18, housemaid, b Thriplow


William Peake, 42, baker, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 16, b Cambridge

John, 12, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 8, b Cambridge

Charles R, 6, b Cambridge

Edwin S, 3, b Cambridge

Susan Gee, 26, servant, b Hunts


Josh Rogers, 49, watch maker and clerk, b Yorks

Mary, 50, b Yorks

William, 19, clerk, b Yorks

Mary Y, 20, b Yorks

H E  Rogers, 16, son, b Yorks

F J, son, 14, b Yorks

A M, daughter, 11, b Cambridge

A E, son, 9, b Cambridge

1881 Coal Office

Harry Morgan, 30, wash and service bath proprietor, b Suffolk

Mary A, 31, b Cambridge

Matilda Newling, 16, servant, b Haslingfield

Robert Grimston, 20, boarder, undergraduate, b Oxon


George Dunwell, 45, clerk, b Cambridge

Emma, 43, b Sawston

William, 14, clerk, b Cambridge

Sydney, 12, b Cambridge

Minnie, 10, b Cambridge

Alfred, 7, b Cambridge


Annie Craig, 47, hairdresser, b Scotland

Annie M Christie, niece, 15, b Scotland


Annie Craig, 56, ladies hairdresser, b Scotland

Dorothy Clark, 18, servant, b Cambridge


Miss Annie Craig, ladies hairdresser


Millett’s Stores, clothiers


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