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Central Hotel, Three Tuns Inn, St Edward’s Passage

History of Centra; Hotel, St Edward's Passage

According to 1959 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Survey of Cambridge, Central Hotel, at the N. corner of St Edward’s Passage, consists of a complex of four or five small houses. Some or all of these were combined at the Restoration to form an inn, the ‘Three Tuns’ which was closed down in 1790. It is possible the location where Pepys ‘drank pretty hard’ on 25th February 1660.

There is a NE range of mid 17th cent. original’s and distinguished by a brick front facing Peas Hill, a SE corner block rebuilt in the 19th cent., a central rather later 17th cent. block running N and S and containing the former assembly-room on the first floor, and a SW wing bordering St Edward’s Passage. The wing improbably the oldest surviving part and dates from the 16th cent.

The brick front dates from 1727 and within there are interesting mid and later 17th cent. panelling and timber fireplace-surrounds.

In 1961 the site was rebuilt as the Midland Bank.


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