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St Edward’s Passage

History of St Edward's Passage


South Side from Peas Hill to King’s Parade

1/2 J P Young, draper

3 A Morgan-Scott, engraver

4 –

5 H J O’Hare, tailor

6 Miss Goff

7 G David, bookseller and printseller

8 –

9 Eliza Back, The Red House

10 & 11 Church of England Young Men’s Society Rooms

West Side

12 – 15 Mrs Bell, lodging house keeper

St Edward’s Church

North Side

16 W de Lappe Winter

16 Norwich Warehouse Co. Ltd

Brimley Whibley & Sons warehouse

Central Temperance Hotel and Coffee Tavern

Peas Hill

11/9/1908: A miniature rifle range and air rifle club has been formed in connection with the Church of England Young Men’s Society at their large room in St Edward’s Passage. The two targets can be placed in two positions – for shooting standing up or lying down – and two good air rifles have been provided. Englishmen should learn to shoot in order to defend their own hearths and homes and the Corporation should establish a range open almost all hours of the day. (Cam.News)


South Side from King’s Parade

3,4,16 G David bookseller

5,6 Arts Restaurant

5,6 Art Theatre

8 –

10, 11 Girton College Lecture Rooms

West Side

12,13 Miss B Wickstead

12/13 Anand Sabhai

12/13 Miss B Webb

14 Idris Arthur Turley

15 Mrs Smith

St Edward’s Church

North Side

16,3,4 G David bookseller

17a Lady Keynes

17b Henry Dixon Phd



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