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Ninepin or Ellis Court, Thompson's lane in 1935

3 Thompson’s Lane, The Nine Pins, Ellis Court

History of 3 Thompson's Lane

1661-67 Inn probably new built. John, later Mary Amey?

1742-45 James Barnes III (father in law of Robert Ellis)

1748-90 Robert Ellis for Nine Pins in 1752 and subsequent years

1791-1819 Thomas, later Mary, Fletcher, for Nine Pins

1822-56 Edward, later Mercy, Ketteridge for Nine Pins


(3 Thompson’s Lane) Mary D Greaves, 42, bedmaker’s helper, b Cambridge

Nine Pin Court:

(1) Richard Hitchcock, 45, college servant, b Suffolk

(2) James Mowlam, 62, labourer, b Cambridge

(3) vacant

(4) Frederick Warren, 37, auctioneer porter, b Cambridge

(5) Mary Rooke, 71, laundress, b Cambridge

(6) vacant

(7) Martha Wilkin, 35, laundress helper, b Essex

(8) Elizabeth Curson, 72, formerly bedmaker, b Histon

(9) vacant

(10) Mary Hawkes, 79, b Eversden, blind

(11) Thomas Benton, 51, wheelwright, b Comberton

(12) Richard Williams, 39, labourer, b Cambridge

(13) Thomas Smith, 38, groom, b Conington

(14) Frances Crutchley, 68, formerly laundress, b Fulbourn

(15) vacant

(16) Sarah James, 74, housekeeper b Shelford

(17) Thomas Isaacson, 43, ironmonger’s assistant, b Swaffham

(18) George N Randall, 35, cabinet maker, b London

1891 Charles Crack, publican “The Nine Pins”, with domestic servant Rosa Male

Ellis’ Court [Ninepin], Thompson’s Lane proved difficult to photograph, as W.F. Turner, one of those who contributed to the survey explained:
In some cases yards were so narrow that he had been cramped for room, and perhaps some door, lamp post or ventilating shaft had come in the direct line of the camera and he had been obliged to include them in order to get a record. Even to do this had meant his visiting some places several times to find when the sun would be at the right angle to light the subject. [Cambridge Chronicle 19th November 1929]. (See Mike Petty, Fenland History Facebook group)

Thompson’s lane, 1937 (phot0 J Baldwin) South side, east end before redevelopment.

In 2022 PS wrote:

Just found my mum’s birth certificate, place of birth was 8 Ellis Court, Thompson’s lane. Her maiden name was Jill Wayman, parents were Walter Thomas Wayman and Marie Evelyn née Spaull. Jill was born 8.4.1933. In 1921 Walter was living at 19 Northampton Street.


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