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40-41 Trumpington Street

38/39 Trumpington Street

History of 38 Trumpington Street



Henry Briggs, 41, b London

Emma, 17, b Cambridge

Henry, 12, b Cambridge

Ellen, 10, b Cambridge

Charles, 8, b Cambridge

Catherine Smith, 12, b Cambridge

Mary Ettings, 21, b Haddenham

Emily Langs, 23, b Cambridge


John Tunwell, 57, landed proprietor, b Cambridge

Ann, 54, b Norfolk

Mary Ashby, daughter, 28, b Cambridge

John Tunwell, 24, surveyors clerk, b Cambridge

Henry Tunwell, 24, b Cambridge

Sarah Ashby, grand daughter, 5, b Grantchester

Ann Ward, servant, 40, b Borough Green

George Woodyatt, visitor, 24, b Warwicks



James Morley, 39, grocer, b Gt Abington

Hannah, 39, b Gt Abington

Stephen, 16, messenger, b Middlesex

James, 14, b Middlesex


William Curwain, 40, livery stable keeper, b Huntingdon

Sarah, 32, b Cambridge

Eliza, 13, b Cambridge

Rose, 6, b Cambridge

John, father, 85, formerly carrier, b Northants



Hannah Morley, 51, confectioner, b Little Abington

Susan Hayden, aunt, 85, b Little Abington

James Morley, nephew, 25, porter, b Smithfield

Sarah Cutter, niece, 15, servant, b Little Abington


William Curwain, 50, livery stable keeper, b Huntingdon

Sarah, 41, b Cambridge

Eliza, 23, b Cambridge

David Prennan, visitor, 46, b Cambridge

Mary Green, visitor, 47, b Suffolk

Mary A Ward, servant, 23, b Shelford


(38) Coffee House

William Gadsby, 37, coachman, b Fen Drayton

Eleanor, 38, shop keeper, b Upwell

John, 13, b Cambridge

Eleanor, 11, b Cambridge

George, 7, b Cambridge

Susannah, 6, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 1, b Cambridge

William, 3, b Cambridge


Henry Sanders, 39, livery stable keeper, b St Neots

Mary Ann, 29, b Horningsea

Emily, 5, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Toombs, 15, b Cambridge


(38) is the Little Rose next door

(38a) vacant


Benjamin Harris, 28, clerk, b Cambridge


(38) vacant


Benjamin Harris, 38, commercial clerk

Minnie, 39, b London

Gladys, 30, b Cambridge

Stanley, 1, b Cambridge

1904 38 Trumpington Street

Joseph Hardwick jnr. fine art dealer


38 Trumpington Street

38 Trumpington Street

William H Ford, fine art dealer, 38 Trumpington Street

Print framed at 38 Trumpington Street

Print framed at 38 Trumpington Street


(38) not listed


Joseph Charles Stringer, 35, livery stable foreman, b Herefordshire

Edith, 40, b Kent

Muriel Edith, 9, b Yorks

Joseph Edward, 6, b Norfolk


(38) J H Priest, stationer, printseller

(39) Charles Stringer, foreman ostler


(38) Morgan Stanley, gents outfitter


Ernest H Belcher

Gabor Kossa

Gabor Kossa ran an antique shop opposite the Fitzwilliam Museum. He had been involved in a. ballet company in Hungary. He put on plays and musical events. Once he hired London’s Wigmore Hall and gave a silent piano recital. (Life on the Edge, Peter Varey)

Harry Harris

Luisa Harris

Harry G Harris

Hugh Esmor Huxley, molecular biologist. During WWII he served in the RAF and made a major contribution to the development of radar.

Hugh E Huxley


(38) Gestetner Duplicators Ltd


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