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Pitt Building University Press

History of the Pitt Building

General Information of the Cambridge University Press and the Pitt Building can be found on Wikipedia.

There were buildings on the site that preceded the erection of the Pitt Building. These spread between Mill Lane and Silver Street.

1846: 6 Dec. Josiah Chater reports in his diary a fire here caused by boards placed on top of a chimney to prevent it smoking.



Richard Sibley, 60, resident superintendent of the University Press, b London

Eliza, 57, b Bristol

Helen Hughes, visitor, 14, b London

Rebecca Phillips, 26, servant,  b Oakington


1881: University Pitt Press

E Burrell, 58, printer electrotypist, b Cambridge

Emma, 54, b Cambridge

Alfred, 32, printer compositor, b Cambridge

Edwin, 26, assistant librarian, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 24, b Cambridge

Ernest, 18, printer picker, b Cambridge

Kate, 13, b Cambridge

William Watts, visitor, 70, accountant, b Dorset

Rebecca, 61, b Surrey

Rose Maud, 4, b Stoke Newington


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