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OS map 1925 showing terrace next to Allotment Gardens - Barleycorn Lane

Barleycorn Lane, High Street, Chesterton

History of Barleycorn Lane

Barleycorn Lane was demolished when the local roads were re-routed for the building of Elizabeth Way Bridge. The map shows the location in 1925 of the terrace next to ‘ allotment gardens.’

Victorian cottages in Barleycorn Lane


  1. Mrs Driver
  2. J Robinson, labourer
  3. Robert Rayner, gardener
  4. William Newman, labourer
  5. Own C Bass, labourer
  6. Herbert Murrell, gardener
  7. Mrs Susan Wilson
  8. Lot Waller, basket maker
  9. Harold Charles Phillips, market porter
  10. W J Newman, labourer
  11. 11. James Pointer

5 -9 High Street, Chesterton, 1969 (MoC 9/160/69) demolished during the rerouting of the High Street. Note path to Barleycorn Lane

Barleycorn Lane prior to demolition, 1969 (MoC 10/160/69)

Barleycorn Lane, after removal of houses in Chesterton Road Sept 1969 (MoC 42/166/69)

Barleycorn Lane (MoC)


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