Capturing Cambridge
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Steam Laundry Cottages c1950. No. 6 is closest to the camera which is looking north.

Laundry Cottages (3), Laundry Lane

History of 3 Laundry Cottages


George Patten, 30, carman, born Cherryhinton

Jane, 26, laundress, born Cherryhinton

Percy George, 2, born Cherryhinton


William Tingery, 33, foreman coal porter, born Herts

Minnie, 32, born Cambridge

Frances, 10, born Cambridge

William E, 8, born Cambridge

Dorothy, 1, born Cambridge


(Steam Laundry Cottages)

George Walker Miller, 40, hydro man laundry, born Edinburgh

Olive Harriett, 47, forewoman laundry, born St Pancras

William Frederick George, 11, born Middlesex

Ropbert Risk [?], 8, born Middlesex


Olive Miller, b 1862, laundry work preparer



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