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The Pump Lodge Cherry Hinton Road

The Pump Lodge/Waterworks

Information about the 1852 Pump Lodge


(no number in Cambridge Road)

Harry J Barker, head, 32, engine fitter, born Cambridge

Harriet, 33, born Cambs

Walter Harry, 6, born Cambridge

John M, 3, born Cambridge

Janet M, 1, born Cherryhinton


(no number)

George F Clark, 25, engine driver, born Cambridge

Harriet A, 23, born Cambridge

Grace F, 1 m, born Cherryhinton



John William Kingdon, 54, engine fitter, born Devon

Rhoda, 45, born London

Elizabeth Bennet, sister, 58, born Devon

Virginia Ralling, visitor, 25, born Suffolk

Ernest Ralling, visitor, 1, born Essex

Clara Kidman, servant, 16, born Cambridge


George Fred Clarke, engineman

Harriet A

Grace Florence

Louisa Mary

Harriet Maud

Percy George

Emma Plumb, servant, 14, born Cambs.


(Cambridge Road)

William Coe, engine driver waterworks


William A, 23, bricklayer labourer, born Cherryhinton

Annie, 27, born Devon

Harry, 20, bricklayer

In 1891 William Coe and family are living nearby on the Cambridge Road but not at the Waterworks.



George F Clarke, 43, mechanical engineer

Harriet A

Grace F, 20, college student,

Louisa M, pupil teacher

Harriet M, dressmaker

Percy G F


(Waterworks – 5 main rooms)

William Coe, head, 59, engineman waterworks, born Cherryhinton

Matilda, 54, born Cherryhinton

Harry, 29, bricklayer Fulbourn asylum, born Cherryhinton


(Waterworks – 6 main rooms)

George Frederick Clark, head, 53, mechanical engineer, born Cambridge

Harriett Anne, 53, born Cambridge

Lovie Mary, 28, public elementary teacher Borough Council, born Cherry Hinton

Harriett Maud, 28, clerk in receiving office steam laundry, born Cherry Hinton

Percy George Fred, 21, natural science student, born Cherry Hinton

This pump lodge was built in 1852 when waste was sent to the Milton sewage works. The station closed in 1921 when the new Fleam Dyke well was opened. The wells in Cherryhinton road were then not necessary and were all sealed up and the property sold.

Cherry Hinton Road Pumping Station site 1927

Cherry Hinton Road Pumping Station site 1927

The UK census returns reveal some of the residents of the Lodge and those who worked at the pumping station:

1871 Cambridge Road: William Hunt 39 engine driver, Mary 36, William 17 ag.lab., Caroline 15 gen.serv., Charles 13 farm serv., John 11 farm serv., Mary 8 scholar, George 5 scholar.

1871 Cambridge Road: Henry Barron 49 engine fitter, Maria 45, Susan 22 laundress, James 13 scholar, Henry 11 farm serv., Arthur 9 scholar, Alfred 6 scholar.

1881 Cambridge Road: George F Clark 25 engine driver, Harriett 25, Grace 1mos.

1881 Cambridge Road: Frederick Coe 25 engine cleaner, Mary 29, Frederick 6, Mabel 5, Alice 3, Arthur 9mos.

1881 Cambridge Road: Harry Barker 32 engine fitter, Harriett 33, Walter 6, John 3, Janet 1.

1891 Cambridge Road: George Clark engineman

1891 Cambridge Road: William Coe engine driver

1891 Waterworks: John Kingdom engineering fitter

1901 Pumping Station: George F Clark

1901 Waterworks: William Coe engineman

1911 Pumping station: George Clark mechanical engineer

1911 Waterworks: William Coe engineman

1913 Waterworks: George F Clark manager

1913 Waterworks: William Coe engine attendant


Sources: Cambridge News (Cambridgeshire Collection), UK census




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