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View of Ely Cathedral from railway bridge before Annesdale built (date unknown)

Annesdale, Ely

History of Annesdale

View of Annesdale from railway bridge, Ely (postmarked 1906)

View of Ely from the river circa 1906

Then and Now (David Gent)  – Ely from the river.
Not really a then and now as to recreate this shot I would have to be standing on the railway bridge. I didn’t much fancy that, so this is more of a then and before then shot. The first picture is from an undated postcard and was taken before the row of houses known as Ouse Terrace on Annesdale were built. You can see the Cutter Inn on the right. The second has a postmark of September 1906. Ouse Terrace now completed. When first built there were three doors facing Annesdale. Ouse Terrace, aka known as Ouse Cottages, were built in the late 1800’s The third picture is from Google maps, street view, showing Ouse Terrace which now only has the one door facing the road.

Annesdale (Google Maps c.2020)


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