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Mill Road, Lode

History of Mill Road, Lode


John Aves

[In 1861 John Aves was living in Bell Road, Bottisham]

Henrietta Aves, wife

Alice B, daughter

Rachel, daughter

Louisa Cornwell, visitor

In 1881, Avis Hart, John Alves’s second wife, was living in Mill Road. In 1871 she was with her family in Main Street, Bottisham. In 1891 she was a servant at The Hall, Weston Colville.

Mill Road, Lode, OS 1886


John Aves

Alice B, daughter

Mabel R, daughter

Hephzibah, daughter

Silas, son

Harry N, son

Mill Road, Lode OS 1901


Holmes Cornwall, 72, agricultural labourer, b Lode

William Lander, 61, ordinary farm labourer, b Grantchester

Samuel Hart, 60, ordinary farm labourer, b Lode

Frederick Smale, 56, manager cement works, b Kent

Ephraim R Cornwell, 62, farmer, b Lode

Arthur Isaacson, 29, ordinary ag. worker, b Lode

Frederick Randall, 34, horseman on farm, b Quy

William E Ayres, 31, yardman in farm, b Lode

David Cornwell, 52, labourer on farm, b Lode

Mary Rayner, 41, certificated teacher, b Kent


George Ayres, 26, ordinary ag. lab., b Lode

Rebecca Marsh, 82, b Swaffham Bulbeck

Mary Long, 61, b Bottisham

George Nottage, 86, gardener retired, b Lode

John Aves, widower, 45, general farm labourer, b Lode

Mable R Aves, 20, housekeeper, b Lode

Silas J Aves, 16, general farm labourer, b Lode

Harry N Aves, 13, general farm labourer, b Lode

In 1911 Harry Nelson Aves  was a boarder in Letchworth working as a bread baker and confectioner. He served in WWI with 13th Bn Royal Irish Rifles as Lance-Corporal. He was presumed killed on 16th August 1917 during the Battle of Langemarck (16-18 August)  and left a wife, Mary Ann Elizabeth at Offley Hoo Farm, Hitchen and previously at 52 Devonshire Road, Cambridge. A War Gratuity of £8 10s was paid.

Samuel Cornwell, 34, general labourer, b Lode

Reuben C Hatley, 36, butcher and grocer, b Swaffham Prior

William Harvey, 32, house painter, b Lode

William Cornwell, 65, farmer and publican, b Bottisham Lode

Mary Ann Sanders, 52, laundress, b Swaffham Prior

Thomas Howard, 44, labourer in sewerage, b Quy

Harry Harvey, 32, mole catcher, b Lode

William Shipp, 38, teamster on farm, b Lode

Henry Betton, 54, labourer in sewage, b Lode

Lawrence Pettit, 28, wood sawyer, b Lode

Benjamin Shipp, 31, teamster on farm, b Lode

Susan Shipp, 61, b Swaffham Bulbeck

Herbert Hiner, 35, traction engine driver, b Bottisham

Charles Potter, 76, retired railway official, b Norfolk

Maud A Beard, 28, laundress, b Great Shelford

William Harvey, 40, shoemaker, b Lode

Robert Cornwell, 40, farmer, b Lode


Sarah Barker, 65, b Quy

Sarah Golding, 56, b Quy



Arthur Cornwall, 44, ordinary farm labourer, b Lode

Charles Pettit, 70, farm labourer and sweep, b Lode


John Noble, 73, general labourer, b Quy

Bently J Flack, 39, coal merchant, b Lode

Edward J Long, 42, harness maker and farmer, b Lode

Charles Pettit, 37, baker, b Soham

[Station End]





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