Capturing Cambridge
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64 Cambridge Place

History of 64 Cambridge Place


George Greaves, 60, labourer

Margaret, 60,

Thomas, 25, labourer


Armina Greaves, 71, chaff cutter, b Norfolk

Margaret, 73, b Norfolk


William Easton, 55, gardener, b Stapleford

Sarah, 54, sempstress, b Norfolk

Armini Graves, father in law, widower, 80, formerly chaff cutter, b Norfolk


Thomas Lloyd, 49, laborer, b Trumpington

Caroline, 49, b Trumpington

Jeremiah Wilson, widower, laborer, 77, b Trumpington

John Wilson, nephew, laborer, 17, b Trumpington


Thomas Loyd, 60, platelayer, b Trumpington

Caroline, 61, laundress, b Trumpington


Caroline Covington, 65, widow, charwoman, b Melbourn

Frederick Daller, son, 20, labourer, b Wimpole

Dinah Daller, 23, laundress, b Wimpole

Florence Daller, 18, laundress, b Wimpole

John Daller, grandson, 5, b Cambridge

Address does not appear in later censuses


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