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Richard C Jebb

Springfield, Sidgwick Avenue

History of Springfield

1883: In Period Piece Gwen Raverat describes how her mother, Maud du Puy, came in the spring of 1883 visit her aunt, Caroline Jebb in Cambridge. The Jebbs lived at Springfield though ‘ Uncle Dick’ was at the time Professor of Greek at Glasgow. The family lived in Cambridge in the summer. The Jebb household at Springfield is described in Period Piece p.90ff.

1884-5: the house was rented by  George Darwin and his new wife Maud. (Period Piece p.31) while they looked for a house to buy.

1891:  Queens Road

Richard Claverhouse Jebb, 49, professor of Greek, b Dundee [see cartoon]

Caroline L Jebb, 43, b USA [Period Piece p87f has a detailed description of ‘Aunt Cara’]

Margaret Horne, 33, servant, b Scotland

Francis Claxton, 26,  servant, b Norfolk

Bessie Ingles, 17, servant, b Lancs

Widow of US Civil War officer takes Cambridge by storm



Lady Jebb


Alfred S H Walford, b 1899, Ear Nose Throat surgeon (Major RAMC TA)

Phyllis I, b 1901 (Red Cross training in auxiliary nursing)

Marjorie Loates, b 1917, cook

Violet Moule, b 1917, parlourmaid

A paper on laryngology by Walford is available.


(Flat 1) Rev Canon H W Montefiore

(Flat 2) Rowland J Custerson

(Flat 3) K G Davey PhD


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