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Summerfield, 1920s (Cambridgeshire Collection)


History of 1 - 12 Summerfield

Plan of Summerfield with no. 3 (formerly 1) outlined

Summerfield consists of 12 houses numbered 1 to 12, east to west. Numbers 3 – 12 are in 2022 classified as Buildings of Local Interest. Nos 1 and 2 were built later than the other houses. The latter were for many years numbered 1 to 10. In 1960 the two houses at the eastern end were incorporated into the ennumeration so the original 1 – 10 were renumbered 3 – 12.


Robert Whyatt bought his plot (1) from Alfred Jones the dentist of 63 Trumpington Street. Alfred Jones had himself bought the land earlier in the year from John Hazard, George Edward Hide and Frederick Grain.


House built by Robert Whyatt. I was a two- up / two-down miller’s cottage. The direction of the original stairs was later reversed.


Nursery Cottage [1 Summerfield]:

Robert Whyatt, 36, miller, b Hauxton

Rebecca, 27, b Herts

Clara, 1, b Cambridge

2 Summerfield:

George Thomas Matthews, 25, printer compositor, b Sussex

Fanny, 24, b Wales

Edward George, 2, b Cambridge

Alfred Thomas Gray, 3 weeks, b Cambridge

3 Summerfield:

James Chapman, 30, college servant, b Quy

Margaret, 33, b Norfolk

Margaret Stapbon, 12, b Norfolk

James Humphrey Chapman, 4 mos, b Cambridge

4 Summerfield:

John Sumpter, 30, college porter, b Windsor

Eliza, 34, no occupation, b Bury St Edmunds

Harvey, 8, b Cambridge

Ada, 3, b Cambridge

5 Summerfield (not listed)

6 Summerfield:

Roger Songer, 26, blacksmith, b Suffolk

Ellen, 28, b Suffolk

William, brother, 20, blacksmith, b Suffolk

7 Summerfield:

William Freeman, 32, gardener, b West Wickham

Eliza Ann, 29, dressmaker, b West Wickham


1881: unnumbered

Robert Whyatt, 46, corn miller






George W Smith, lodger, 27, grocers assistant


William Songer, 30, whitesmith, b Suffolk

Sarah, 39, b Hauxton

Minnie, 7, b Grantchester

Bertie, 2, b Cambridge

Charles, 6 months, b Cambridge

Thomas Smith [?], 21, gardener, b Herts


James Chapman, 40, college servant, b Quy

Margaret, 42, b Norfolk

James, 10, b Cambridge

Walter, 8, b Cambridge

Sarah Jarvis, relative, 14, b Yorks


Arthur Wilderspin, 29, stationer, b Cambridge

Louisa A, 34, b London

Barton G A, 10 mos, b Cambridge


John Bussey, 69, retired whitesmith, b Norfolk

Susan, 68, b Norfolk

Harriett Woods, grand daughter, 7, b Cambridge

Harriett Smith, daughter, 32, b Cambridge

Edith Smith, visitor, 7, b Grantham

Bernard, visitor, 2 mos, b Grantham

Sarah Leach, visitor, 13, nurse, b Notts


Leet Huckell, 30, gardener, b Gamlingay

Mary Ann, 40,

Catharine A Jackson, 13, step daughter, dressmaker, b Bourne

Jane Musk, niece, 3, b Cambridge


Walter Howlett, 28, solicitors clerk, b Essex

Ann, 24, b Surrey

Nelly Mary, 2, b Cambridge


1891: properties unnumbered in census

Robert Whyatt, 56, agent to Building Society

Clara, 21, dressmaker, 21, b Cambridge

Louisa, 19, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Mary, 15, dressmaker, b Cambridge

William, 12, b Cambridge

Minnie Sonder, relative, 16, b Cambridge

George W Smith, lodger, 38, grocers assistant, b Essex


Eliza Bentley, 74, living on own means, b London

Edith Jane, 36, elementary teacher, b Cambridge


James Chapman, 50, no occupation, b Quy

Margaret, 53, college servant, b Norfolk


Louisa Anne Wilderspin, 44, stationer, b London

Jesse L, 24, assistant, b Cambridge


Leat[?] Huckel, 40, nurserys florist, b Gamlingay

Mary Ann, 50, b Bourne

Catharine A Jackson, daughter, 23, b Bourne

Janie E Musk, niece, 13, b Cambridge


George L King, 25, dairyman, b Cambridge

Alice Maud, 23, b Cambridge

Edward P, 2, b Cambridge

Albert S, 1, b Cambridge

Tom Parker, boarder, 23, barman, b Lancs

Elizabeth L Rule, 15, servant, b Cambs


Hannah Perry, 73, living on own means, b Essex



1 Summerfield:

Robert Whyatt, 66, fire insurance agent


Louisa Whyatt, single, 29, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Merna M Haddow, 5, granddaughter, b Chesterton

William Whyatt, son, 22, sorting clerk and telegraphist, b Cambridge

2 Summerfield:

William C Newman, 39, printers machinery minder, b Cambridge

Florence J, 38, b Cambridge

Arthur W, 11, b Cambridge

Nora S, 8, b Cambridge

William Knightly, lodger, 47, living on own means, b Sutton

Rosa Mary, lodger, 37, b Bucks

3 Summerfield:

John W Burkiss, 28, butler, b Cambridge

Jane E, 30, b Fen Ditton

4 Summerfield:

Louisa A Wilderspin, widow, 54, clerk at theatre, b Cambridge

Clara A Ward, 37, housekeeper, b Cambridge

5 Summerfield:

Henry Briggs, 43, carpenter, b Cambridge

Ellen, 37, b Derby

Daisy,15, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Ethel, 14, b Cambridge

Matthew Brewster, boarder, 25, grocers assistant, b Rutland

6 Summerfield:

John W Daines, 38, stewards clerk, b India

Augusta, 35, b Cambridge

Ellen M, 10, b Cambridge

Lillian B, 8, b Cambridge

Evelyn G, 5, b Cambridge

7 Summerfield:

George W Silk, 56, postman, b Dry Drayton

Jane, 49, b Kent

Annie E, 20, b Cambridge

Charles F, 15, errand boy, b Cambridge

Ethel F, 13, b Cambridge

William, 11, b Cambridge

Reginald, 6, b Cambridge

8 Summerfield:

Leet Huckle, 50, foreman florist, b Gamlingay

Mary, 60, b Bourn

9 Summerfield:

Montague M Hayward, 28, town postman, b Cambridge

Louisa, 27, b Cambridge

Montague, 7, b Cherrington

May Louisa, 4, b Cambridge

Reginald M, 5 months, b Cambridge

10 Summerfield:

Hannah Perry, 82, living on own means, b Essex



1 Summerfield:

Robert Whyatt, 76, retired miller, b Hauxton

Rebecca, 67, b Herts

2 Summerfield:

Eliza Clarke, 72, private means, b Ellington

3 Summerfield:

John Warrington Purkis, 38, butler, b Cambridge

Jane Eliza, 42, b Fen Ditton

4 Summerfield:

William Hughes, 45, domestic chauffeur, b Sussex

Gertrude, 27, b York

Beatrice Louisa, 8 months, b Cambridge

Emily Mary Smith, visitor, 25, student of philosophy, b Lancs

5 Summerfield: not listed

6 Summerfield:

Walter John Daines, 48, college clerk Selwyn, b India

Ellen Augusta, 46, b Cambridge

Beatrice Lillian, 17, milliner, b Granchester

Gwendoline Evelyn, 15, b Cambridge

Evelyn Gertrude Fox, 34, private secretary to Professor of Pathology, b Devon

7 Summerfield:

William James Rumble, 37, hairdresser and tobacconist, b Norfolk

Alice Agnes, 37, b Cambridge

Winifred Muriel, 11, b Cambridge

Frederick William George, 8, b Cambridge

Dorothy Dight, 14, visitor, b Cambridge

8 Summerfield:

James Herbert Crohill, 35, printer, b Cambridge

Emily, 37, b Cambridge

Herbert Hector, 10, b Cambridge

Maud Emily Kathleen, 5, b Cambridge

9 Summerfield:

Ernest Gordon, 30, porter Senate House, b Grantchester

Ethel Gordon, 27, b Senate House, b Cambridge

10 Summerfield:

Frederick Fordham, 40, civil servant postman, b Cambridge

Maude Evelyn, 33, b South Africa

Frederick Russell, 4, b Cambridge

Bessie May, 1, b Cambridge


1913: Kellys

Two houses building

(1)  Robert Whyatt, collector

(2) Mrs Eliza Clarke

(3) John Purkis

(4) William Hughes

(5) James Harry Briggs, carpenter

(6) Walter John Daines, clerk

(7) William J Rumble

(8) A Pickett, college servant

(9) J H Crowhill, printer

(10) Frederick Fordham, postman


Summerfield, 1920s (Cambridgeshire Collection)


Robert Whyatt died. His wife lived there until her death in 1927. The house then passed to their son William Whyatt of Salcombe, Blinco Grove. Then to Samuel James Haddow, Robert Whyatt’s son in law, formerly of 28 Humberstone Road.


1935: Kelly’s

(Norvaleen) Alfred Norman Mason

(Thorpe House) Misses A M and A C Mason




Alfred N Mson, b 1873, retired printer

Kathleen V, b 1882

Thorpe House:

Alice M Mason, b 1868, private means

Agnes C Mason, b 1869, private means

Charlotte Jenners, b 1881, domestic help

1 Summerfield:

Mary Whyatt, b 1875,

Mabel A Bailey, b 1893

Mary Whyatt had married Samuel James Haddow on 14th September 1940. Mary died in 1956.

2 Summerfield:

Ruby F Unwin, b 1881, ladies outfitter

3 Summerfield:

John W Purkis, b 1872, college waiter

4 Summerfield:

Charles H Milton, b 1883, college porter (college ARP warden)

Ellen, b 1890

Florence M, b 1907, incapacitated

Elizabeth Cable, b 1865, bedmaker retired

5 Summerfield:

Charles R Beard, b 1865, college gate porter

Jean G, b 1884,

6 Summerfield:

Edith J Boning, b 1865

Harriet, b 1879, secretary to censor of Fitzwilliam House

7 Summerfield:

Frederick Fordham, b 1870, bank messenger

Maude E, b 1877,

Eileen M, b 1920, clerk Cambridge Motors



8 Summerfield:

Henrietta M S Woods, b 1873, private means

Mary Ogden, b 1876, housekeeper

9 Summerfield:

Elizabeth Piggott, b 1881, college servant & bedmaker

10 Summerfield:

Annie Paddison, b 1879



1 Summerfield, the house built by Robert Whyatt, became the property of Reginald Robert Haddow, a research physicist. In 1943 he was living at 304 Milton Road.



1 Summerfield, the house built by Robert Whyatt, became the property of Reginald Robert Haddow’s son, Donald Conrad Haddow, of 38 Haig Road. It was then sold to Mrs Constance Beatrice Chaundler for £2,825.



The houses in Summerfield were renumbered.



(2) Miss M Perers Taylor, opthalmic surgeon

(3) Miss D M Thomas

(3) Mrs C B Chandler

(4) Walter Lucas

(5) Cecil Lucas

(6) Mrs MIlton

(7) Mrs J G Beard

(8) Miss M Johnson

(9) Rt Pryor

(10) Howard L H H Green

(11) Mrs Piggott

(12) Mrs Fordham



3 Summerfield, 1986 (private photo)





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